A Vessel and A Witness

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We were all huddling together after an evening of intense worship. Melodies were still projecting in the background of our ensuing conversation. A few people were meandering toward the exits, several firmly stood at their seat with arms extending toward the heavens while others danced or found themselves prostrate on the floor. Our eyes were fixed on Todd. The excitement on His face and the passion of his words captivated our attention. He shared that in the midst of worship he began crying out to the Lord, begging Him to return for His people. He then saw a brilliant white, muscular steed continuously throwing up his front hooves in readiness to gallop. He then saw a glimpse of the Lord sitting on the concave of the mare’s vertebrae. He was holding onto the thick, flowing mane of the animal. There was an overwhelming army behind the steed shouting and raising their weapons belting out a war chant. Yet, the Lord remained focused on the panorama below the animal’s feet. While restraining the horse by his mane he threw his hand behind him toward the animated army to subdue them. Eyes intent below Him, He continually whispered, “Just one more. Just one more.”

That moment gathered around Todd’s voice, honing in on the vision the Lord had given to him, remains one of major impact. In moments and seasons that I don’t understand the Lord’s delay in redeeming a situation or returning for His people, I remember that the love He has for His children is relentless. He sees things and understands things that my feeble mind cannot. He doesn’t call me to understand all of His ways, but He does call me to be faithful. Faithful to pray for those in my community that I know are hurting or those who are in positions of leadership bearing heavy responsibility. Faithful to show up, speak up, pray for, and study alongside.

My brain doesn’t function in a way that easily retains information. This has been a pinnacle of frustration for me over the years.  I have studied scripture in many different capacities, yet I cannot always seem to retain it all long enough to piece it together in a way that it sticks. Yet, as a believer, I know that to grow closer in my understanding of God and to have the weapons I need for life’s battles, I must be faithful to show up each day to read, meditate, study and apply the precious gift of His word. In time, the continued faithfulness to show up and do, will create tunnels in my emotions and my thoughts that are reflective of His nature. I will find that when I am blindsided by a conversation, a confession, or a circumstance that His truth will begin spewing life into the situation. I will draw from a well that is full and not my own.

As a child of God, I don’t have to “get it” right here and right now. But, I am guaranteed that if I continue to do the things I know to be right and true, eventually all the colorful dabs of paint and seemingly random doodles will come together to create an artwork that will be useful.

It’s too easy for believers to beg for the immediate redemption of circumstances or yearn for the Lord to come yesterday. Yet, I beg you as the Lord begs me…do not to set your eyes on the evil of this age, but set your eyes on Him, sharpening your spiritual weapons, increasing your intimacy with Him and recognizing the excitement of Joel’s prophecy, which was reiterated in Acts 2:17-21. Though we see in multiple places in Scripture where evil and atrocity will litter the last days (1 Timothy 4; 2 Timothy 3; Jude 1 to name a few), so will the outpouring of His spirit.

Abba, it can be disheartening when I look at the decay of the spiritual climate around me. Yet, I thank you for allowing me the privilege to live in these days. I won’t just have to endure and overcome evil, but I get to be a part of some of the greatest moments of your church where your Spirit moves with vigor. What a gift to be a vessel and a witness!

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