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In this season of Lent, I am constantly reminded of all that Jesus Christ gave for me when He willingly volunteered to take my place on the cross. He was beaten, spit upon, ridiculed, looked down on, unbearable to lays … Continued


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We had been anticipating this moment for more than a decade. The Lord crossed our paths in the fall of 2003 when Bobby and I worked together at Commonwealth Christian School as middle school teachers. His wife, Jennifer, and their … Continued


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Six of us sat around a rectangular table, eating dinner, laughing, sharing advice and preparing our hearts for goodbye. Our individual hearts were tender and collectively we were aching for the loss that would be felt when Drew and her … Continued


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The path beneath the four wheeler was bumpy and sometimes even jolting. I lodged myself behind my dad as we navigated their ninety some acres. I tucked my hands inside my sleeves as the constant breeze shot a chill through … Continued

His Word

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This past Sunday, Matt, Addison and I had the opportunity to share with our Oklahoma church family about the traumatic fire incident we endured with Addison over three years ago. After narrating the facts of the event, each of us … Continued


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Matt and I are continually trying to instill the thinking within in our children that it is important to clean up after yourself. We talk about having responsibility for your things, your space, your messes, your chores, your attitudes and … Continued


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This Wednesday I will give my first teaching to the CBS Tulsa audience of women (though I gave a run through of it to part of Leader’s Council last Wednesday). Preparing for this teaching, I have struggled with how to … Continued


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I sat, hunched over, on the floor, in the back right corner of the room. My back was supported by the wall and my vision of anything or anyone remaining in the room was blocked by a black-skirted table. I … Continued


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There are days that the responsibilities of motherhood, wifedom and housekeeper are suffocating. There isn’t any one thing about each of those roles that is depleting, but the fact that there will always be clothes to fold, dishes to wash, … Continued

Next Generation

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“We will not hide these truths from our children; we tell the next generation about the glorious deeds of the Lord, about his power, and his mighty wonders.” Psalm 78:4 NLT My daughter had just returned home from her Jr. … Continued

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