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It’s been said, that some of the greatest lies are sung during Sunday morning worship.

Just this morning, I was singing along to the lyrics, “Set a fire down in my soul that I can’t contain and I can’t control. I want more of you, God.” It occurred to me, I like the idea of knowing Christ intimately and being a lucrative vessel for Him to use. However, am I certain that I want Him to set a fire within me and give me a yearning for more of Him? The process that produces such fervor for Him, may require an arduous journey or unbearable heartache. It begs the question, “Is He enough?” If becoming more like Christ, were to cost me the heartache of a lifetime, will He still satisfy?

The Lord has issued similar challenges to my prayers. You want to inspire people to pursue me whole-heartedly? What if it cost you your health? You have asked that I would do whatever it takes to open the eyes of the hearts of people you love-what if it comes at a cost to you, Amber? Do you mean what you sing and what you pray?

2 Kings 5:1-19 depicts the event of Naaman’s healing. Reading this account in Scripture, caused me to stop and ponder. The Lord gave Naaman, a pagan, victory in an invasion of Israel. From the invasion, a young Israelite girl is taken for a slave. This little girl is taken from her home and those she loves. She is carried off to a foreign land and made a slave.

Why would God allow such a heinous act? Where is He in this situation?

This girl discovers that her new master has leprosy, and says, if Naaman would go to Samaria, there is a prophet there that could heal him. The conclusion is that Naaman listens. He travels to Samaria to receive a healing from Elisha’s God, but returns recognizing that the God of Israel is the only true God. He receives physical and spiritual healing.

I’m not going to pretend that I understand the ways of God or that I agree with this young girl’s predicament. Yet, I will say that God is sovereign. It isn’t my job to know the mind of the Lord, but it is my responsibility to choose my response. Like the girl, when my circumstances are unfair and seem unwarranted, instead of directing attention to my pitiful state, will I choose to point the way to Jesus? Is He enough on the mountain top and in the valley?

Abba, we can’t comprehend your thoughts. But, we beg you to teach us to trust you. Our emotions betray us, but we know you never will. In our seasons of pain and confusion, we thank you for being faithful and loving in all your ways. Whatever our lot, may we choose to point the way to You.

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  1. A question I have pondered so many a time. Thanks for sharing your insights and for being an open book!


    Amber, I too have pondered exactly what you have talked about here. I too will say that HE is faithful. I do not have the answers to all the why’s of things that happen. However, I can say “Though I walk through the fire, I have found HIM to be right where HE said HE would be. Right there with me.