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The path beneath the four wheeler was bumpy and sometimes even jolting. I lodged myself behind my dad as we navigated their ninety some acres. I tucked my hands inside my sleeves as the constant breeze shot a chill through my body. Quietly riding and savoring the landscape, I asked the Lord to show me something that I might not see on my own.

Our second time around the woods, my dad steered the four wheeler up an elevated, cluster of woods. I could not see where he thought the four wheeler could plod. The incline increased and all I could see were scattered trees and no path. Where was he taking us and how did he think we would get there without smacking trees? Ironically, these questions were swarming my thoughts, but I wasn’t scared. I was confident that my dad knew his way around these woods, as well as the capabilities of the four wheeler. I leaned into him and anticipated the journey. Once we made it to the top, I looked down to see trees littered down the side of the elevation. One small thrust of the four wheeler and I could see our bodies rolling down the side. I also peered down trying to determine the path that lead to the top. I still could barely identify it. Putting the four wheeler into low gear, we made our way down a similar path that brought us to the top. I leaned close to my dad’s ear and said, “It’s interesting to me that because I don’t know the language of woods and four wheelers, I looked at that cluster of woods and saw woods. Yet, you knowing the language, looked at that cluster of woods and saw a pathway. He shook his head and replied, “Yep.”

It occurred to me in that moment, often times I can’t make sense of where the Lord is leading me. The more I try to understand and calculate, the more confused and fearful I become. In the times that I have leaned into Him, knowing His character and His sovereignty, I have repeatedly found that He can be trusted even when I don’t understand. Reality is that He doesn’t lead me anywhere that He hasn’t already been.

Moving into the New Year, I hear Him whispering, “I am doing a new thing; now it springs forth, do you not perceive it? I will make a way in the wilderness and rivers in the desert.” Isaiah 43:19

Lord Jesus, help us to perceive the new thing you want to do in each of us this year. Open our eyes to see you making a way in the wilderness. Overwhelm us with the provision of your rivers where we least expect them. Teach us to lean into you, especially when we don’t understand. For we know, you can be trusted.

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