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I have been told that if I plant a watermelon seed from my fresh slice that a producing watermelon plant would take root. I’ve heard the same thing about seeds from apples. Our youngest, adventurous, let nothing be wasted boy has matter-of-factly pranced in the back door time and again announcing that he has just planted an apple tree or a watermelon vine. My ear to ear grin acknowledges his innocent effort, while on the inside I chuckle at his misplaced hope.

Seeds have a powerful role.

This summer Addison had her tonsils and adenoids removed. Anytime your child has a medical procedure, it inevitably puts you on edge. Complicating our decision to move forward with her tonsillectomy was the medical advice given us that it could possibly revert her immune system. The last thing we wanted was to return to where we have been these last six months. After much prayer, restless sleep, and oscillating conversations, our brave girl declared that she was done being sick and stuck. She was having this out-patient surgery and taking the next step forward. With tender hearts and hesitant steps, the surgery was scheduled.

Discharge instructions were to keep her away from large crowds and infections for ten-fourteen days. What we have learned about Addison’s body is that the events from these last few months have all stimulated from an infection. Her body had an atypical response to an infection and now we wait to see if her immune system has developed an automatic response to infections moving forward. We wanted a defined answer, cured with a magic pill or simple regimen, yet, the Lord has chosen to keep us in a place with open hands before Him.

The day before Addison’s surgery, our middle son began to complain that he wasn’t feeling well. Caden has been our most healthy kid. I can’t recollect that he has ever had to take an antibiotic in his almost eleven years. I made him an appointment for the afternoon of Addison’s tonsillectomy. Driving to his doctor appointment, fear began to grip my heart. What if he has an infection? What if it’s the same kind of infection that spear-headed Addison’s health decline?

God, I can’t go back. Please don’t make us go back to that weary, empty, gut-wrenching, life-draining place. I can’t possibly relive everything we have been through these last months. Let us leave it all in the rearview mirror. I have nothing left, Jesus. I’m still amazed that all five of us are vertical. Please God. No. No more darkness. No more struggle. No more angst. No more long nights. No more tears.

My panicked thoughts came to an abrupt halt.

You have a choice, Amber. Will you choose to plant and water the seed of faith or the seed of fear? Faith says, that I, the Lord your God am always in control. Fear says, that the enemy’s tactics and abilities overcome my power and sovereignty.

Sitting in the pediatrician’s office, I was not surprised when the doctor looked me in the eyes to tell me that Caden had an infection.

Heading the whispers of the Holy Spirit, I knew that this was a tactic of the enemy. It was no accident that on the day of Addison’s surgery, the one we had deeply wrestled over, one of our kid’s was being diagnosed with an infection.

Driving home and in the days ahead, I began planting the seed of faith. I reminded myself of the character of God. He is able. His is sovereign. He is powerful. He is wisdom. He is good. He is love. He is kind. He is present. When my faith was tempted to turn to fear, I would read Scripture and talk to the Lord about how I was feeling. I knew, regardless of what our days held, His hand would hold mine.

(Thankfully, our girl’s recovery was seamless and our boy’s body healed as expected.)

A few weeks later, our youngest boy, ran in through the back door, declaring that we had a watermelon vine. He announced, “I planted a seed and it worked!”

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  1. Helen Curtiss

    This was great to read and good to catch up on your kids and where you are in your journey with the physical problems you have been experiencing. Have been praying for Addison in particular. So glad to hear of her progress. Your faith in God through this journey He is taking you through is blessing me and I am sure all that read it. Daily reminders of God’s faithfulness strengthens and continues to remind us of who He is and what we have in Him. Thanks, Dear Friend, for your encouragement. Helen C.

  2. Sherry Snider

    Oh my! This warms my heart and fills me with encouragement that only comes from our Father, God! Thank you, Amber!

  3. This is beautiful!