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For my girl’s 12th birthday, Matt and I took Addison and three of her friends to watch the newly released movie, “God’s Not Dead 2.” At the conclusion of the movie, it was stated, “Silence is the enemy of truth.” I have repeatedly turned this statement over in my mind. The world we live in lacks no evidence to the decay of the human heart, absent of Jesus. However, I often wonder what it looks like to stand for His truth. I want to be intentional about reading God’s word, listening to His voice and waiting to hear the ways He guides my heart to stand for Him. I don’t want to assume that I know. But rather, wait to be led by the precedence of His hand. Instead of instantly thinking, I will say this, I will boycott that, I want to recognize, in the quiet moments of the day, the one who leads me. I want to purposefully choose to surrender my thoughts and opinions at the foot of His throne and render the question, “What do you say, Abba?” “How would you use my life, the talents and gifts you have given to me, to be a light for you?”

I think about standing for His truth in my generation. I think about standing for His truth in the usage of the gifts He has given to me. I think about standing for His truth as a mother, a wife and as a friend. I think about how to stand for His truth in the midst of broken circumstances. Isaiah 51:16 says, “I have put my words in your mouth and covered you with the shadow of my hand—I who set the heavens in place, who laid the foundations of the earth, and who say to Zion, ‘you are my people.’”

A few days ago, with my Community Bible Study group, I completed a Thirty week study of the Sixty-Six chapters of Isaiah. The last lesson challenged us to be contemplative about the seeds sown in our hearts from the book. A few seeds planted within me were, the visual that as a child of God, walking with Him, the shadow of His hand covers me, the reality that He means what He says, and finally, that He is my Counselor. The first sprouts of growth that these seeds have supplied in my walk with Him, have been that when I am tempted to fear the next step of faith, I remember that the shadow of His hand covers me. When I am overwhelmed by the decay I see infiltrating our world, I remember that the end has already been determined; He wins. When I am at a loss for words and in need of wisdom, I am reminded that He has promised to be my Counselor.

Knowing that the shadow of His hand covers me, the end has already been determined and that He counsels me when I cry out to Him, then perhaps, the best way to speak out for His truth, is by daily staying in His word, spending time understanding the heart of Jesus Christ whom I serve. For whoever’s presence I spend most of my time in, is whom I become like.

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