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In this season of Lent, I am constantly reminded of all that Jesus Christ gave for me when He willingly volunteered to take my place on the cross. He was beaten, spit upon, ridiculed, looked down on, unbearable to lays upon, all because He wanted to create an opportunity for me to have communion with He and His Father; my Father.

Recently, I taught at a local Bible study, which also happened to land within the same week I was asked to teach Sunday School. Our family life that week was littered with doctor appointments and parent teacher conferences. On the heels of that, I was asked to lead a small group of teenage girls for a weekend event. I fell on my face, crying out, “How much, Lord? How much of me will you ask?” I knew that the culmination of responsibilities was more than I could humanely conduct and most certainly more than I could perform with excellence. I felt that He was asking more of me than I had to give. I buried my head into His chest and confessed that if He was asking me to serve in these capacities, I would do it. I was tired and couldn’t see how I would have what I needed to complete each task, but I also knew him to be able. In that moment, I believed Him to whisper over me…

Amber, it’s not always that I ask you to serve in multiple capacities at once, but you do need moments that force you to realize that you successfully complete no task of ministry in your strength and ability, but only in mine. You are not called because of who you are, but because you are mine. I live in you and I am capable of all things. In the moments you feel I am asking too much, remember, that I gave and I give everything I am to give you this life and the next.

We must always carefully discern between the invitations that are given to us to serve. The answers cannot always be yes. However, we must take each appeal to Him asking Him to sift the yes from the no. As believers, we don’t get the luxury of choosing what we will and won’t do or where we will and won’t go to advance His kingdom. This life that He died to give me, is now His. He chooses. When we say yes to requests, we don’t say yes to people, we say yes to Him. Each time we get to be ministers of the gospel, presents another manner in which we get to say thank you to Jesus. Thank you, Jesus, for pouring out yourself just for me. You loved me at my worst and believed me worthy of being ransomed. You longed to have communion with me that you didn’t count the cost to be too extravagant. You bought me with a price. All I am, all I have…it is yours.

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